Audio Projects

Explore the harmonies and dissonances that defined Robertson’s distinctive musical legacy


Mikrosleep’ is an audio project which explored aperiodic
things periodically to hypnotically invoke the transition into
phenomenological awarenesses of consciousness. The
pseudonym is derived from the smallest quanta of sleep,
occurring when one simply slips into unconsciousness for
brief moments. Dasein. The Soundtrack of his research in
Experiential Psychology is cataloged on Sub Atomic Records (subatomi).

Mikrosleep performed for AMBiENT PiNG since 2004 as well as released music through Anatomic Records. Recorded live performances, singles as well as full album “Ritual” are available below:


Adjala was Robertson’s pop electronica moniker inspired by new retrowave and old-skool anime aesthetics. Earlier work is on youtube for viewing below, as well as his full album “Live from the 15th Floor” that can be streamed and downloaded from Bandcamp. Live from the 15th floor was written and compiled on the 15th floor while receiving stem cell transplant at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. Robertson was able to share this album with staff who cared for him before his passing. Robertson felt this album was his greatest work.

Cauterwall – Chitinous Album

An audio project Robertson worked on while living in St. Catherines in his 20s. His self-description of the project and album is below:

Crashing spaceships into planetoids.
The work explores the relationship between the Military- Industrial Complex and unwanted gifts. The essential unreality of relationships.
As spatial replicas become distorted through diverse practice, the viewer is left with a hymn to the limits of our era

Chitin is a long-chain polymer of N-acetylglucosamine, an amide derivative of glucose. Chitin is probably the second most abundant polysaccharide in nature; an estimated 1 billion tons of chitin are produced each year in the biosphere.-wikipedia

Originally performed live in 1998, on top of a garbage dump in St.Catharines. Created in one shot on an exposed 7200/75 motherboard in a cardboard box with a crude pineapple drawn on it, into a Hitachi ghetto blaster onto CRO2 tape.

The album charted at #19 for a month on Ontario college radio in 1999. It was the first release of the now defunct HSCALE records label.

Trey Trace – DJ Mixtapes

Robertson’s DJ moniker Trey Trace crafted several mixtapes and live shows over the years. Amazingly some are uploaded on mixcloud including a mix tape from 1995 “Snuggy”

Anatomic Records

Anatomic Records was originally formed as Canadian Experimental Cassette Label, the project went on to be the digital home and parent releasing body for several of Robertson’s audio projects.

Bands / Jam Sessions

Robertson was part of several bands including Lobster Rock Tokyo, Coyote on Peyote, The Memresistors, and Billy’s Masonic Tavern.
As these were in the 90s and early 2000s, there are some recordings of the earlier performances but most of this music is fondly remembered only from the experiences of the audience at the music venues, and those who were fortunate enough to be part of these performances.

Enjoy some jam sessions!