Robertson experimented with different artistic mediums throughout his years from digital and ai art, hand drawn comics and shodo calligraphy. His most recent works were watercolour studies; sometimes the prompts were random words and how they would come together such as Squid Moon and Flower Legs below

Greeting Cards

Originally something we teased Rob for, his (in)famous hand made greeting cards are now treasured. Here are two favourites from Rob’s parents


Robertson even at a young age began drawing comics, many in digital media formats. The comic below is a humorous stab at himself drawing a comic in the ‘defined panels’.

Tarot Deck

Rob created the art for a full tarot deck along with AI technology The Realm of Ganada.
If you’d like a physical deck they can be ordered here:

Clothing Prints

Robertson was starting to look at clothing as a form of visual art as well, none of the pieces were made/printed but were conceptual.